The mission of Fermob is to design and make outdoor furniture that decorate gardens in a relaxing and convivial way. Fermob furniture has added value, they are high quality, attractive, comfortable and convenient.
There are two words that summarize the function of Fermob garden furniture: “outdoor lounge”. Outdoor, for all that attracts us in the open air to recharge. And “lounge”, for our aspiration for relax and comfort.
In short, Fermob is part of the pleasure obtained from the positive effects of nature, like being together in a garden, improvising a terrace on a beach or creating a green paradise in your own backyard …
For the growing number of people who aspire to this lifestyle, Fermob offers a wide range of innovative and comfortable furniture, with soft and varied forms, which allow great creative freedom and encourage numerous ideas for decoration, since the furniture is available in a wide range of colors, offering a range of unique choice on the market.

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